A first look at Hexo+

If you’re in the market for a drone, you won’t be short of choices in 2015, if CES is anything to go by. Even if it’s one that follows you. Hexo+ is no new kid on the block, though. We actually saw it back in the summer when it launched on Kickstarter the same week as that other follow-you drone, AirDog. A rivalry no doubt heightened by the fact that both campaigns bagged almost identical amounts of money ($1.3 million) in funding. Until now, though, any evidence of a physical Hexo+ had remained out of view. With just the occasional teaser clip of sample video to whet the appetite. Finally, here at CES, we get a look at the drone itself. In the fairly utilitarian world of multirotor-design, it’s a stealthy-looking piece of kit. The six sets of rotors give it a more aggressive appearance, and the blue front props add a splash of color. Of course, looks are one thing; another is seeing it do its job. Sadly, that’s not possible in the confines of a Las Vegas exhibition hall, but all going well, we’ll remedy that later in the week.

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